The Usefulness of the Internet

The internet has proven to be a useful and invaluable tool in making the lives of people visiting places with large crows easier. In many major airports around the world, pan handlers and impostors used to make a living off of offering unsuspecting tourists airport taxi service to wherever they wanted to go in town. The catch was however, that these individuals were not licensed cab drivers or regulated by any union and they were not out to help others get to where they wanted to go in a quick or safe fashion. Visitors to these cities were unfamiliar of the act and marketing strategies of these criminals. These criminals would charge unseeingly large rates and often treat guests poorly, and sometimes even committed blatant robbery as a result of their cover.
Scams like this also existed at numerous other spots around the world in places where large groups of people tended to congregate. At large monuments or museums around the world a similar phenomenons of petty thievery and con artistry can be witnessed. While Paris has a well deserved reputation as being one of the most beautiful, romantic, historical, delicious and magical cities in the world, many of their most famous monuments that draw huge crowds also bring in bad people looking to take advantage of others for a quick buck.
The internet has truly helped the masses since its inception as it provides forums and easy access to information that serves to unlock the marketing secrets and gimmicks of these con artists. As a result of the information that is provided through the internet by victims, former criminals, law enforcement and other ways, most regular humans now recognize previously unforeseen scams or know alternative methods to dealing with them that result in fewer crimes, robberies and other unfortunate events.